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                                           Welcome to the home page of CGTPA, INC.


We are a garden tractor club located in Central Kentucky.  Our club is designed for the enjoyment of pullers of all ages and gender who enjoy the

competitive sport of pulling garden tractors.  All pullers must be able to control the tractor in a safe and orderly manner to be able to pull.  We are incorporated and insured.  We welcome pullers to join us at pulls, and hope you enjoy  our web site.   Members are voted on by majority vote of

Board Members.  All decisions made by Board Members are final.



                                                                            July 6, 2015


Our next pull is Monday, July 6, 2015 at the Jessamine County Fair in Nicholasville.  Weigh in at 6:00 pm and pull starts

at 7:00 pm. We will use our fair pull lineup.     



                                         June 27, 2015 


We had a great day of pulling on Saturday, June 27 in at the Anderson County Park.  We all thought it would be another rainout, but it turned out to

be a great pull for our MS benefit. 


We had a great turnout with 71 hooks for the day and we had 7 in our kids class.  Thanks to all who came to pull with us and who contributed to

the MS benefit. 





The 2015 pulling schedule has been posted.  The event times and places that are not

listed will be posted at a later date.  *The date for July 12 should have been July 11


We have put 14 stk alts into the 12 stk alt class.   If there is a lack of participation of 14 stk

alts in this class within the first 3 pulls, they will be taken out of the class.


We will be adding a 950# Lite Altered Class.  This class is a on a trial basis for the season.  It is a non points class, it will be pulled last and WILL NOT

be pulled at fair pulls.

                                                                        950# Lite Alter Class 

                                                  Trial Run Class

                                                   13" hitch height 

                There are different rules for different style engines in this class to promote fairness for all that compete.


Ohv Twins   45.5 cu in limit, any bore & stroke combination legal. OEM stock heads, no recast.  Stock size valves. No roller cams allowed.

Port & polishing, milling, decking, welding, drilling & topping permitted. You may run fabricated intake manifold with max 1.200" carb, gas

or alcohol.

Flathead twins  max 62 cu in limit, any bore & stroke combination legal. Billet heads permitted. Open valve size, milling, decking, port &

polishing, welding, drilling & topping permitted. Fabricated intake manifold with max 1.200" carb, gas or alcohol.

Flathead single  48 cu in limit max, any bore & stroke combination legal. Stock OEM block. No reproductions or copies. Open valve size,

billet heads, port & polishing, milling, decking, welding, drilling & topping permitted. Block must contain stock design. Max 1.200" carb,

gas or alcohol.

This class will be monitored  by the board of directors and tech personnel, to make changes to promote fairness in class, so one engine

style is Not dominate. There may be weight or hitch height changes during the season.








If you have any questions, please contact John Varner or Richie Cochran.  Their phone numbers are on the Board Member page, along with all of CGTPA Board Members.  Any of them will be happy to answer your questions.




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